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Southwest Region for National Alliance

for Mental Illness

NAMI Southwest Iowa is a newly developed organization that has obtained local affiliation. This organization will serve Cass, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie, and Shelby counties.

NAMI Southwest Iowa will work to achieve a community that is stigma-free by increasing public awareness about mental illness and providing advocacy, support, and education to individuals and families impacted by mental illness.

Currently, NAMI Southwest Iowa members have been meeting in various locations throughout southwest Iowa to build membership and participation for the organization.

Thinking about a support group? 

NAMI Southwest Iowa is proud to announce it will be hosting Connections Support Groups. This support group is co-lead, 90 minutes on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of the community. Connections is peer-based and provides insight into experiences, an opportunity to share in a confidential and safe environment. Check out the details below.

NAMI SWIA Connections Support Groups in Your Area

  • When:​ Tuesdays starting April 30th, 5:30PM-7:00 PM
  • Where:​ Shenandoah, IA @ Emmanuel Lutheran 406 E Pioneer
  • Who:​ anyone living with mental illness seeking a support group
  • What should I expect?​ The groups are 90-minute structured sessions
  • What does it cost? ​This support group is free and everything we offer is always free.
  • Where can I find out more about Connections?​ Check out NAMI.ORG, NAMISOUTHWESTIOWA.COM or search “NAMI Connections” on YouTube.
  • Where do I sign up? Just show up when you can and come as you are. ​You can contact the director, Alex Burton, at [email protected] or by calling (712) 542 7904. 

What is Family to Family and how do I sign up?

  • Family to Family is an educational class meant for the support network that surrounds the person with mental illness.
  • The content is meant to: teach about mental illnesses, communicate more effectively, empathize with the person, differentiate between symptom and behavior, and lastly, to become an advocate for that person.
  • Is this like a support group? No, this is meant to be an educational class, however many do find value in connecting with people in a similar situation.
  • Who can attend? Anyone with a family member/close friend that has a mental illness (diagnosed or not!) and is willing to commit to attending as many of the nine (9) classes as possible.
  • What does it cost? Nothing, everything we do is always free.
  • How do I sign up? Email Alex the director at [email protected] or calling (712) 542 7904. The class covers a lot of content. Because of this, we do not allow new attendees to join after the 3rd class. 

NAMI Southwest Iowa Board Members

          • President - Bernie Wagoner
          • Vice President - Melissa Schwery
          • Treasurer - Anna Killpack
          • Secretary - Jessica Coburn
          • Lindsay Kinney
          • Jan Lunde
  • Kendra Wilson
  • Amanda Owens
  • Karen Williams
  • Diana Hoogestraat

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